Fan Sues Cowboys for “Hot Seat”

In a story that just defines the term stupidity, there is a Cowboys fan who is now suing the team for damages, mental anguish and court fees. Why you may ask? Well, According to the story this fan decided it would be a good idea to sit on a black marble bench outside of cowboy’s stadium during the annual blue and silver scrimmage in August. Now, it doesn’t take the smartest person to figure out that it is hot during the month of August.

But in this suit against Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, the suit alleges that Cowboys Stadium didn’t put up any signs, warning the bench would be hot. Really?!?!?!? Do the Dallas Cowboys have to put signs up for everything around their stadium? Or has this society become so stupid that we have lost all common sense? Let’s do the math here, Black marble bench plus 100 degree heat and sun bearing down on it equals…perfect to sit on? NO! It is going to be hot and you are going to burn your rear end off.

I would like to think humanity as a whole would have the common sense to prevent something so idiotic and frivolous, but I guess not. I guess we need to pull a Bill Engvall and walk up to this “Fan” and tell them…”Here’s your sign” now please go away.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Sues Cowboys for “Hot Seat”

  1. Bottom of class lawyer filed this one. How can you not tell your butt is on fire when you sit down on something hot. Duh?

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