Exciting finish at Talladega, sets up for great season

Yesterday Aaron’s 499 was one of the most exciting races in the history of NASCAR. You had 8 cars within a second of each other and the winner of the race won by .02 in a photo finish. Jimmie Johnson was that fortunate winner with a last turn push from Dale Earnhardt jr, and in the end, there was no way to tell who won until the TV crew showed a super slo mo shot.

If this race didn’t have you standing up in your living room cheering, then you must be dead. Even non NASCAR fans had to love this race. This is an exciting track and it is restrictor plate racing at it’s finest. This has been a great season for NASCAR with most of the races coming down to exciting finish. But this one definitely took the cake and should hopefully help build the excitement around the sport.

While the season is very young and has a long way to go, it just helps add to the log jam that is the season standings. As of right now there are 17 drivers within 100 points of the leader. Which basically means that one bad race for somone near the top and they could be looking out real quick. This is setting up to be an exciting season and could come down to more finishes of this caliber. If you haven’t been watching to this point, then it is time to tune in.

2 thoughts on “Exciting finish at Talladega, sets up for great season

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  2. I loved it. Good for the sport and great for the spectator. One of the best races I’ve ever seen. Only the strong will survive…and that is the way life really is. Just wish it had been Jr. in the front.

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