ESPN is the evil behind the LHN

Ever since the Longhorns announced their deal with ESPN, to be the provider of the longhorn network, there has been a constant moan from fans across the country. But what most people won’t admit that if ESPN had offered their school $300 million, they would have taken it too. The money isn’t the issue with the network though; it is what ESPN has tried to push for behind the scenes. Yes, ESPN is the evil behind the LHN.

When Texas started the idea of a school network, it was purely innocent in the fact it was a way for fans to watch programming from the school. It was going to be an outlet to show games and events not picked up by the networks. Plus sprinkle in some coach’s shows and other various programming to make it enticing to fans. This was as innocent as it all sounds, but then ESPN decided to come into the picture and everything changed.

Once Texas took the $300 million from ESPN, the rules started changing on the fly. It started out that Texas was going to show non-revenue sports, plus other programming, and maybe show a football game that would otherwise be a pay per-view game and same thing with basketball. But once ESPN got some control, the world wide leader wanted to incorporate high school games, and conference games onto the network. It is understandable that ESPN wants the biggest bang for their buck, but that wasn’t in the original deal.

Now, I am not saying Texas is innocent by any stretch; they took the “blood money” from ESPN to get the network deal done. But while everyone wants to make Texas the evil one here, it should be known that ESPN is the villain and Texas just had to submit to the network. It should only be seen that the network is the one who has pushed for all the extra items that have since been responsible for some of the chaos that has gone on for the last year. Texas took the money, but ESPN has taken advantage of the fact that they can control what happens with, and what is aired on the Longhorn Network.

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2 thoughts on “ESPN is the evil behind the LHN

  1. It is all very confusing. They are all turning college programs into semi pro programs. Money drives it all, yet the NCAA claims they are not a business. Ha!

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