Enjoy the Ride Rangers Fans

 The Texas Rangers just completed their 2nd World Series in a row. While the loss of losing another one is still fresh on most fans minds, don’t get down on this team. Look at the fact that this team, with all of its youth and inexperience, was able to contend for back to back championships. This is a team that made the Big Show last year as a surprise, and again surprised everyone by returning this year.

 If you are able to move past your hurt and pain of another post season series loss, look at the simple fact this team did all of this without a solid pitching staff. The Rangers haven’t had an “Ace” all season long, and they were able to get through the playoffs with their bullpen depth. The Rangers are going to get better as they find the key pieces they are missing. With this done they will certainly have another post season run in them.

 Before you get upset and start thinking about distancing yourself from the Rangers after this heartbreaking loss, remember this; for 38 years before now…they had never been past the first round of the playoffs. There are some really great things happening with this team, just sit back and enjoy the fact that this team, our little “Red shoe Rangers” have gone to back to back World Series.

 So, I will say this again…Enjoy the ride Rangers fans, it could be worse…


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2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Ride Rangers Fans

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  2. Such a Ranger Fan. I am just waiting for next year. Thanks to
    Nolan they will find what they need. This was a great articl.

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