Early look at Texas A&M 2014 schedule

Texas A&M AggiesThe Texas A&M Aggies will go into the 2014 season with high hopes and high expectations after two full seasons in the Southeastern Conference and some success. But the Aggies are going to have to take on this coming season without, probably the best and most polarizing player to ever wear a Texas A&M uniform.

With Johnny Manziel on campus, the Aggies busted onto the scene in the SEC, and surprised the entire country. But after the first stellar season the Aggies fell back to earth a little bit, but still had a good year and proved to be better than most people said they would be at this point in their new conference.

But now we are going to get our first look at the real Aggies, without “Johnny Football” and with regular talent which will have to go toe to toe with other SEC teams. Manziel was probably worth two or three wins by himself, so you have to figure they will probably lose those two or three games into this year. But stranger things have happened and the Aggies may be better than expected without Manziel.

Looking at the schedule and breaking down game by game, you have to figure playing teams like South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn on the road are probably sure losses, while playing powder puff row of teams like Lamar, rice and Louisiana Monroe at home are sure wins. There is one wild card game which could go either way and it is the neutral site game with Arkansas in Arlington, that one game could be the difference of a winning season and losing season.

Right now the Aggies are looking like a 6-6 team in 2014 because the other teams in the SEC are going to be as good as they were last year, or better. And losing someone like Johnny Manziel will end up hurting the Aggies as they fall back to earth with a very loud and ground breaking thud.

8/28 – @South Carolina
9/06 – Lamar
9/13 – Rice
9/20 – @SMU
9/27 – Arkansas(Arlington)
10/04 – @Mississippi State
10/11 – Ole Miss
10/18 – @Alabama
11/01 – Louisiana-Monroe
11/08 – @Auburn
11/15 – Missouri
11/27 – LSU

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  1. Good blog dude. Will be fun to see how they do without Johnny Football. I would guess Mizzo and LSU will give them a struggle also. We’ll see.

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