Down with the Sickness

Is it that time of year already? Why am I suffering these cold sweats? There are visions of Cinderella’s and upsets in my head.  The calendar has most certainly turned to March and now the madness has come upon me – almost overnight. All I can see are brackets, brackets and more brackets! The only voice I hear is Dickie V screaming about “diaper dandies” and how it is “Awesome baby!”

The sounds of sneakers squeaking on the floor and the ball bouncing off the hardwood are some of the only ways to cure this disease. The crowd noise…oh the heavenly sounds of an arena going mad over a surprising upset. What’s that? “Blue II” is barking for another final four run from his Butler Bulldogs. The Kentucky wildcats are looking to hang banner number 8 in Rupp arena? Coach K is leading another team from Duke into the tournament!

Such over load! Such intrigue! I can’t stand it, I have come down with a full blown case of March madness and there is only one cure. To sit on the couch and watch countless hours of tournament basketball; all the while wanting more…more…more!!!  I am overcome with the madness. I need it, I want it…I can’t stand it. It’s here, I can’t fight it, and I don’t want to fight it. I want to embrace my “March Madness” and enjoy every game, every time out and every upset that this tournament will throw my way.


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