Does Ohio State deserve the death penalty?

Now that we have had some of the hustle and bustle die down from Jim Tressel resigning and then the departure of Tyrelle Pryor on top of that, things have gotten quiet around Columbus lately. There are still the whispers of what will become of a team that has been a college football dynasty for the better part of the last decade. While the Buckeye faithful are pondering what will become of their beloved team, there are people around the country wondering what will the punishment finally be.

It seems that since the cracks in the facade started showing, it kept getting bigger and bigger, and it finally tore down the wall of lies that  Jim Tressel lived under as head coach. It seemed like every time that something new came out, it just made the whole ordeal seem worse and worse. It was bad enough that Jim Tressel resigned(got fired?) and also took Pryor out of school(Forced?). While there are speculations as to whether or not these actions will help Ohio State in the eyes of the NCAA later this year, but there is some discussion as to how severe the penalty may end up being. While it hasn’t been used since 1986 when they busted SMU, some people are asking, could Ohio State get the death penalty?

It is unlikely that the NCAA will do that to a “Cash Cow” program, but it is in the minds of most people that the penalties will have a severe kick to them. While it seems that there is a larger issue on scale than just a rouge coach who turned a blind eye to what his players were doing even when he was alerted to the activities. There is always a difference in knowing and not knowing. I think this is partly why Tressel resigned abruptly, the school had to start trying to correct it’s image in the face of possible sanctions.

While the death penalty would end up being a very extreme penalty for what Ohio State has done, if anything more leaks out or more people decide to start talking about what has gone on for the length of Tressel’s time at Ohio State, then the NCAA may start looking at pulling out their one final punishment that would shake College Football to it’s core. Would it possibly correct some of the issues that have been going on for the last few years? There is no answer to that question, until the NCAA decides to use that punishment again.

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5 thoughts on “Does Ohio State deserve the death penalty?

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  2. If it was good enough for SMU, then it should fit for Ohio State. This is not a fair world we live in and I doubt that will happen. I wish they would bust all of them and scare the heck out of all the schools where the cheating will stop…or change the rules.

    • While SMU was as dirty as they come, it has been shown that obviously Ohio State didn’t care and Tressel overlooked the fact at what his players were doing. While there are some players who did nothing wrong, and they don’t deserve to pay for Pryor’s sins, the NCAA needs to crack down and lay down the law with these teams, or else it will become something close to a semi-pro league.

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