Does Mack need to be on Hot Seat in 2012?

After the dismal way this season played out, and with the over haul of assistant coaches, the fan base expected a sizeable turnaround even though we had a young team the expectations were still there.  The problem seemed to be the team either played better than everyone expected – but in some cases it was perceived as worse. There was no middle ground with this team and there probably should have been.  Then throw in the fact there were two inexperienced quarterbacks, and no one was really happy.

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2 thoughts on “Does Mack need to be on Hot Seat in 2012?

  1. Went to Bevo and read the article. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t believe he let RGIII slip through his hands. Makes you wonder who is evaluating talent at Texas. Texas has a history of letting quality players slip away. Drew Brees?

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