Does Haley deserve to be in Ring of Honor?

When the latest names were announced for the Dallas Cowboys ring of honor it wasn’t a surprise to see who was in. Until they announced Charles Haley, he was a great Player and was a huge part of the winning teams of the 90’s, but he wasn’t a home grown Cowboy. This makes his selection to the ring of honor a questionable one. The Ring of Honor has always been held as a place for the “best of the best” and every player in the Ring, has either been a lifelong cowboy or spent the majority of their career in a Cowboys uniform. Charles Haley was a known commodity coming in from San Francisco and he was an integral part of the defense that helped the Cowboys win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.

When you think of Charles Haley, Cowboys legend isn’t one of the first things that come to mind; if anything you associate him with the 49ers more than being a Dallas Cowboy. Don’t get me wrong, Charles Haley was a great player and his contributions were huge in his time here as a Cowboy, but this is one honor that I don’t think he is deserving of, especially if you look at the precedent that had been set for players who made it in to the Ring of Honor. But I can understand Jerry Jones wants to make his mark by putting in more of “his guys” and he will do that even if it means breaking with the tradition that has made the Ring of Honor induction so special.

In the end it was Jerry Jones’ decision to induct Haley into the Ring of Honor, while I may disagree with it, there is one thing that can’t be denied, Cowboys fans owe him a big thank you for helping win the 3 Super Bowls, but I don’t feel that putting him in the Ring of Honor is the best way to thank him, that is one thing that should be special to guys who are known as Cowboys through and through.

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3 thoughts on “Does Haley deserve to be in Ring of Honor?

  1. Nice article and thought provoking. When I first heard it I had the same reaction as you…he’s really a 49er. He was a great player, but I think I agree with your logic. Keep up the good work Kody. Your blogs are fun and thought stimulating…

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