Do the Rangers need Prince Fielder?

Shortly after the baseball season ended and the “Hot Stove” season began, I wrote a piece about how much C. J. Wilson was worth. Since writing the article, I have come to the conclusion chances are pretty slim he will return to the Rangers next season. Obviously it is all up in the air as to what he is really worth, but I think other clubs will pay more for him than the Rangers are willing to part with. Thinking about this turn of events it led me to ask myself, do the Rangers need Prince Fielder?

Sure, there are bigger free agents out there, like Albert Pujols, but it is clear the Rangers won’t be after him at all. Which leads me back to Prince and the nagging question – do we really need him? Prince Fielder has a good bat, but if you look up and down the Rangers line up this team is full of great bats…as long as they are awake. Fielder also plays 1st base, and seems to be a reasonably solid defensive player. But why would the Rangers need a 1st baseman, when they have Mitch Moreland who is younger and infinitely cheaper than Fielder.

The Rangers have a solid line up, and a young 1st baseman that seems to only show signs of improvement. You also have to take into account Prince Fielder seems to have an “All about me” type attitude. He has been the subject in many stories and rumors that have called him a “Locker room cancer”. Do Rangers fans want to really bring a guy into the locker room that is like this? Sure, there are some positives to bringing him in, but do you really want to risk the team chemistry for this guy?


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2 thoughts on “Do the Rangers need Prince Fielder?

  1. Nope. We don’t need another prima donna. We’ve got the batters, we just need to find an ace. C. J. ain’t the guy. Good article Kody. Keep ’em coming.

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