DFW’s Sleeping Giant

The University of North Texas is nestled in Denton, TX right where I-35 splits into I-35E and I-35W  for the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex. It has been a school not known for it’s athletics, but better known for it’s music school. It has also been called a commuter school for kids in the area. It is close enough to home, but can give you the big time college feel when you are on campus. But there has been a change happening at UNT and it started when Rick Villareal showed up in Denton.

North Texas started to make a push to improve it’s athletics and it started with a few key hires. One of which was Johnny Jones to be the men’s basketball coach, all he did was take the Mean Green to the NCAA tournament and have five consecutive 20 win seasons. While it has taken some time to see the football team turn around, the latest hire looks to have the team on the right track. Not to mention the nice new stadium that was opened last season. Dan McCarney looks to be the right coach to turn the Mean Green football team into a respectable program and lead them into the Conference USA.

While North Texas hasn’t been known as an athletic power, or even been accused of having respectable programs. The last few years have shown a shift in the mentality in the administration. And being a school so close to a very fertile recruiting ground for both of the major sports should start to become an advantage in UNT’s favor. I know what your thinking, what about SMU and TCU? Yes, both of those schools are on the upside also and will be a tough task to over come. But UNT has one big thing in it’s favor…it is a public university and for some, that will make a difference. I am not going to sit here and say that UNT will ever compete with the big boys when it comes to recruiting. But they do have a shot when it comes to the smaller schools, and being a public university could be an advantage if the school plays it’s cards right.

In my opinion the University of North Texas is a sleeping giant in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. They have started to awaken a little bit and with the right nurturing and proper recruiting, they could position themselves as a real player for local recruits. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but over the next few years it could become a reality.

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7 thoughts on “DFW’s Sleeping Giant

  1. Very good post Kody. They have more alumni in this area than any other school. All they have to do is get the “fired up” by winning games.

  2. I agree with CB. If UNT manages to have a few winning seasons, the bandwagon will get rolling and alumni dollars will come flowing in. This school has a lot of potential. But this is Texas, and honestly, a great athletics program is the only thing that matters.

    • The potential is there and I think with the things the school has done(building new stadium, bringing in great BBall coaches, talking about adding baseball) it will only fuel the fire and help fire up alumni. But winning is the bottom line.

  3. Kody-

    An interesting take…

    Yes, I do believe it has potential – but so do millions of other people and organizations who refused to take appropriate and decisive action.

    If the administration truly does desire athletic success, it will happen. And it will only take one spark to light the fire – but that first one will be the challenge. Inertia is a powerful force.

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