DFW Ranked #1 Sports city

Today it was announced that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the numerous teams have attributed to being named the number one sports city by Sporting News today. This has been something I have written about before, but I used the fact that there were multiple championships in the area, but I didn’t take into account about all of the local teams. The area is living in a great time with successful programs all around. If you think about it this is one of the best media markets and it has a great amount of success to follow.

The Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks have been part of the leading charge in this crusade because they are to two big winners in the area. The Mavericks are coming off an NBA Championship and that excitement has created frenzy in the area that hasn’t been seen since the Cowboys Super Bowl runs of the early 90’s. But add on the fact that the Texas Rangers are currently in another playoff run after last season’s surprise World Series run. But unlike last year, there are expectations to win a championship this year.

The other winning team in the area happens to be the TCU Horned Frogs; they are coming off of a Rose Bowl victory. But this season hasn’t started out like fans would have liked, but all in all this amount of success is something that many major cities don’t get to enjoy. The DFW metroplex is a rare area because there is one team in every major sport and three division one college football programs. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the fact that there is a lot of success and chance at championships all around just makes it that more exciting.

Even for the teams who haven’t won anything in a long time, and are struggling right now, there is some hope of a chance to build into a championship contender. So, from a local blogger and die hard sports fan of every local team, Congratulations Dallas-Fort Worth, you are finally showing the country what I have said all along. This area is truly a sports Mecca.

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2 thoughts on “DFW Ranked #1 Sports city

  1. Wow. Good thoughts Kody. It is fun living here. It is also a hotbed for high school sports, which feed the colleges. I’m ready for the Cowboys, SMU and North Texas to get in the winners circle also.

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