Dez Bryant, NFL Lockout and new rule changes

Over the weekend Dallas Cowboys receiver got thrown out of North park mall and has since been banned from visiting the mall for the next three months. This information comes out after three previous incidents at the same mall. The mall where Bryant got banned from visiting in Dallas is a very high end mall that has had some problems in the past with unruly customers. But has since taken drastic measures to clean up it’s image. This is the type of place where you would get dirty looks for walking in the door wearing Levi’s and a Hanes t-shirt. Supposedly Bryant and his entourage were seen walking around with their pants sagging, and asked to pull them up by security. Once asked, it was reported that Bryant went on a cursing tirade towards an off duty Dallas police officer, which has led to Bryant claiming it wasn’t him. Does this really surprise anyone? He had character issues in college and have continued the same act as a pro.

We are being bombarded on both sides by a war between the owners and the players. At the start of the lock out I was starting to side with the players and think maybe they have a point in their arguments. But as more and more players have shoved both their feet in their mouths, I am not even taking a side anymore. This is a petty little disagreement, that if they really wanted to come to an agreement, they could have done this long before this point. This is going to hurt the NFL in the long run, but the sport is so big and popular that it won’t take a hard hit, unless it lasts deep into the season. But I don’t see that happening, because when it comes to start getting paychecks, both sides will want to make an agreement.

 Also announced this week, it was announced that the NFL owners had voted to change a few rules that could have a profound affect on the way the game is played next season. The one that really perplexed me was the change on the kickoffs, They moved it from the 35, to the 30 yard line. If your going to do that, then you might as well just get rid of the kickoff completely. Most kickers will be able to get a touch back most of the time from the 30. This will endanger all of the “Return” specialists that teams have employed over the last few seasons. Also they are going to start reviewing every scoring play in the replay booth. This will be a good change, because there have been some close calls and questionable plays that never got reviewed over the last couple seasons. These two changes should make the next season interesting, but may remove some of the excitement from the game.

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  3. I don’t have any sympathy for either side. If they don’t watch it, no one else will either. They are all a bunch of spoiled brats and acting like it. Dez sounds like he has some issues…may be another TO. Who knows?

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