Dethroned; Where do the Mavs go from here?


Now that the Mavericks have been ousted from the playoffs early and are now faced with the possiblity of trying to find some key pieces in free agency. This team is not in the position to tear it down and rebuild but at the same time, the window is about to close on their chances for another title run. Will it take one or two pieces? or do they need to bring in a whole new supporting cast? The only person who can answer that is the Mavericks front office and the head coach.

There will be a lot of quality players out there for the Mavs to bring in, but how much are they willing to spend? Does Mark Cuban want to break the bank for another shot at a title? or would he prefer to start breaking this aging team down and rebuild with youth? Chances are going with the youth would be better for the long term future of the franchise. But Cuban wants to give Dirk Nowitzki a 2nd ring and he will mortgage his future for some high priced talent to win now.

Fans should be upset about this years product and deman better from the defending champs, but as somone who remembers the days of 12 wins in a season, the franchse doesn’t need to lose sight of the long term goal of staying competitive. Either way, fans should expect another championship run from this team, but hopefully it won’t send them back to the days of being an NBA laughingstock.

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One thought on “Dethroned; Where do the Mavs go from here?

  1. I thought it was a terrible move to get rid of Chandler and JJ. I hope he doesn’t mess it up in off season. Good blog Kody.

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