Despite off season rumors, Rangers holding steady

When this past season came to a sudden and shocking end for the Texas Rangers, everyone started talking about potential off season moves that had to be made by the club to be able to return to the World Series next season. The first and most important move that everyone wanted made was to be able to sign ace Cliff Lee. While the courtship over Lee went on for weeks and there were constant stories over whether the Yankees or the Rangers were the final pick, everyone just figured that the Rangers would get him. Then one night, the news that broke shocked everyone when he agreed to go with the Phillies. Where did the Phillies come from? Nobody even knew they were a player until it was too late.

Well, this put the Ranger faithful in a frenzy, we just lost the one guy we had to sign no matter what. So, everyone started speculating about “Plan B” which was Zack Grienke. And without a hesitation, he was gone to the Milwaukee Brewers for a hefty trade. Now, this has some fans sitting around wringing their hands and paceing the floor. But lets think about this here,¬†the Rangers are still bringing back the meat of thier team from last season, and they are probably favored to win the west right now. Yes I know, they lost their ace. But they didn’t have an ace until the last half of the season last year. Would the Rangers benefit by having a strong starting pitcher all season? Yes.

But this team is being run by some very brilliant minds and very deep pockets, which means that the Rangers are in a very good position to play through the early part of the season, and see if they can find some quality players who have been thrown into a clearance bin at the trade deadline. This may not be the path that the fans want to go down right now, but we are still a month and a half away from spring training and a long way away from the season. Things will happen, but they will only happen when they need too. As a fan I would rather see this team sit still and keep all their prospects right now, and start filling holes as needed. Because we don’t know who will surprise us this season like last year. Let’s all remove our hand from the panic button and just relax. There will be plenty of time to panic once the season is in full swing.

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  2. Great article Kody and makes a lot of sense. We had a bunch of guys that “came out of nowhere” last year. Rumor has it we have one of the strongest farm teams in the majors. I bet there are some good pitchers in there (or trade bait). We got 3 pretty darn good pitchers now that are battle tested. We’ve got a good bullpen also. Don’t forget, Cliff Lee got beat twice in the World Series and really wasn’t a shining star in the regular season.

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