Deron Williams to the Mavericks?

Deron Williams is one of the most coveted free agents in the NBA right now. He will be wooed by every team that has any space to afford his services. Even though he has already said publicly he only wants to stay in New Jersey, soon to be Brooklyn, or come back home to the Dallas Mavericks. Some would figure he would lean heavily towards coming back and playing close to where he grew up.

But the desire to win and increase his chances to win a championship will be a bigger factor in his decision than location. Does this mean that Brooklyn will be the front runner? No…would adding Deron Williams to an established Mavs roster make them a favorite to win it all again? No…but if you compare the teams as they are currently constructed, then the Mavs look to be a better option for winning now. But Brooklyn has youth and could be built for the long haul.

The rumors are flying around as we speak because Williams has been “seen” house hunting in both locations and depending on where your located, the rumors will spin towards the closer location. What can we deduct from all of this? Absolutely nothing…because nobody besides Williams’ closest friends and family have a clue what he is planning on doing.  Even then, he probably won’t know what he is going to do until every offer is placed in front of him and he can see which makes the most sense.

The Mavericks don’t really have much left of their championship team to build on for future runs, but adding Deron could help lure in attractive players to keep the team relevant for another five to ten years. Not to mention the sense of pride it would give local fans to see a home grown talent back in Dallas wearing the home jersey.

There is still time for rumors and speculation to fly around until the free agency period opens for the NBA. Maybe the day before it opens, Mark Cuban and Mikhail Prokhorov can have a cage match for the rights to sign Deron Williams. I know…it’s a crazy idea, but imagine the type of publicity it would drum up for the NBA. Enjoy the rumors and the speculation now, because on July 1st, it may end very quickly with Williams.

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  2. Great article. Love the idea of the “cage match”. Well thought out and well written Kody. Hope we get him.

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