December Doldrums for the Cowboys

Back a few weeks ago I wrote a piece about the Cowboys turning a corner. At that time, they were finishing up the November part of their schedule and they were looking at playing the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers with backup quarterbacks, plus finishing up their season with a weak Washington squad and a semi-hot Eagles team. But I was worried the December curse would once again fall upon the Cowboys and doom any chance at breaking out of mediocrity.

After the last two games, those fears are now are reality. The Chicago Bears dismantled the Cowboys on a Monday Night showdown and then the Cowboys choke away a 20 plus point lead to the Green Bay Packers and lose a game that looked like it was in the bag at halftime. The December doldrums are once again reality for the Cowboys and each passing year, these doldrums are becoming more a living nightmare for Cowboys fans across the country. The Cowboys are becoming more and more of a laughingstock each passing season, and everyone has their own source for the Cowboys problems, but I will tackle my thoughts on that at a later time.

The Cowboys are sitting at 7-7 with two games left, both against division foes and these last two games could go a long way in writing the final story on the 2013 season. Two wins could help catapult the Cowboys into the playoffs, but a loss to the hapless Redskins will all but bury the Cowboys and doom them to a Raiders-esque level. Once again, this could be debated about the team already being there, but with two games to go, a lot can be done to possibly salvage this season into something positive, even if it is a one and done trip to the playoffs.

The Cowboys have a lot of work to do in the next couple days to try and push things into a positive direction, but this last loss may have been the final “gut punch” the fan base can handle. If I am Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, I would avoid sports talk radio and news papers this week, things are beyond ugly and not looking like it will improve. The December doldrums are in full affect for the Cowboys, it is just up to the team to decide if it will be a mild case, or full depression inducing doldrums in the next two weeks.

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  1. Very well stated my man. Maybe Jerry will wake up one of these days and be the General Mgr and nothing more. What a sad story their history has been since Jerry bought the team and ran off Jimmy Johnson.

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