Death blow to the Big XII?

In the ongoing soap opera that has become the realignment debate and the life line of the Big XII, every scenario has been questioned. But this last week, Oklahoma has seemed to start the process of heading west and joining the Pac12. Even that has been refuted by some “sources” close to the situation.

From everything I can gather, this is something that is seriously being considered. And if this does happen, then it would lay the final death blow to the Big XII. One reason I am starting to believe this is going to happen, is because the Oklahoma regents plan to meet and discuss the idea of applying to the Pac12 next week. The Big XII has been living on borrowed time for the last year, and it looks like everybody will find a new home for 2012, unless Baylor finds a way to sue everybody and win.

While it will be sad to see the Big XII come to an end, it seems that it will be for the best because nobody is happy with the way the conference is structured, and that is putting Aggie jealousy aside. Texas has other options, but the smaller schools will be left out in the cold. It will be sad for the people in this region to lose the games this conference brings, but it will be more exciting to see what rivalries are built in the super conferences.

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