Daytona to honor Dale Earnhardt with silent lap

It has been reported that Daytona is planning a special tribute to Dale Earnhardt during the Daytona 500 this weekend. While there will be many fan tributes outside of the stadium and there will be mentions of the anniversary of his death made during pre-race and even as the green flag drops. But the brass at the track are coordinating an effort to have a silent lap during the race to honor Dale. Obviously this will be the 3rd lap, which they are hoping to have even the TV broadcast in on the act.  While this is a very cool way to honor Dale Earnhardt, it will be very odd watching the race and hearing silence.

But on top of that, they are going to wait until Saturday night after the Nationwide race and paint the famous number 3 in the infield. Once again, a very cool tribute, but waiting so long has to make you wonder if the paint will fully be dry by the time the green flag drops on Sunday. Either way, this is how Daytona will honor Dale, and it will be a very cool and very moving tribute. Hopefully all the fans will partake in the event by standing and holding up 3 fingers to add to the moment.

3 thoughts on “Daytona to honor Dale Earnhardt with silent lap

  1. So glad NASCR and Daytona are going to pay the tribute. My 3 fingers will be up here at home. I’ll have on my black #3 hat which I cherish. I proudly display one of his model cars from the Brickyard 400 where I saw him race years ago. He WAS the man. Hate him or love him, he was one heck of a driver and there was never any doubt about what he stood for. NASCAR needs more drivers like him. Unfortunately, he was one of a kind.

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