David Stern Slaps the Mavericks in the face

Yesterday David Stern handed down the punishment to the Los Angeles Lakers Andrew Bynum for his cheap and dirty shot on JJ Barea in the 4th quarter of game 4. While it seems any kind of suspension and fine would be the right message to send that dirty play will not be tolerated. But at the same time, if the punishment isn’t severe enough then it won’t send the right message.

The elbow into Barea’s ribs while he was airborne was done maliciously, whether or not Bynum will say that, the replay shows it was intentional. He was frustrated because Barea was just driving to the basket at will and nobody on the Lakers could stop him. Bynum was upset because of the immense beating the Lakers were getting and he made it look very clear that he wanted to injure JJ Barea.

The NBA handed down the punishment of the flagrant foul yesterday and as an NBA fan, I am shocked at how light of a punishment this is. But as a Mavericks fan, I am livid about the fact that it is a slap on wrist, for something that could have seriously injured a Mavs player. Bynum will be suspended 5 games and fined $700 thousand. 5 games? are you kidding me??? Every Mavs fan should slighted by David Stern and the NBA.

David Stern might as well have walked up and slapped every fan in the face and laughed, this really feels like Stern is taking his dislike for Mark Cuban out on letting such a heinous foul go by with a small suspension. With as bad as that foul was, anything less than 15 games is too light of a punishment, but only sitting him 5 games is pretty much not punishing him at all. David Stern should feel embarrassed for not punishing this guy properly, all the more reason the NBA needs a new, less partial commissioner.

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3 thoughts on “David Stern Slaps the Mavericks in the face

  1. You bet he hates Cuban and pokes him every chance he gets. It was a totally dirty play and was intended to hurt him. It was a major slap on the wrist and no “hurt” in it for the dirty play. What goes around comes around…maybe this will set them on fire for the next series. GO MAVS

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