Dancing Rangers, good sign for season?

Dancing RangersThere is a video going around of the Rangers dancing around to the song “Happy” by Pharrell. Some people would say this would take the focus off the season and it shows the team having fun when they should be focusing and getting ready for the season. But if you know the amount of pressure this team has been under with the expectations to win and keep making playoff runs, this is a sign of a team which is loose and just having fun, which has been a staple during the Ron Washington tenure. If you are a fan of the Rangers, then you should like what you see in this video, not only because there are impressive dance moves, but it shows a team which is loose and not taking itself so serious.

Hopefully this loose and free look will translate into a good year and more wins. But at this point, the “old fogies” do not need to get the underwear in a bunch because a bunch of players are dancing and having fun. This team is young and has big expectations from a fan base which craves a championship and if doing a little dance video to stay loose and have fun then let them have their fun. Here is the video for your take.


2 thoughts on “Dancing Rangers, good sign for season?

  1. Glad they are loose and having fun…that’s what they should be doing. Remember, first of all it is a game, so it should be fun. I couldn’t get the video to play on my old computer. GO RANGERS !

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