Dan McCarney Raps on Dallas Radio

Dan McCarneyThe New School Morning show on The Fan in Dallas has struck again with their weekly bit called “Yo Roger Raps”. This week they brought in North Texas head coach Dan McCarney to try his hand after the wildly successful bit from Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury last week. There are probably a lot of things more entertaining than hearing local celebrities try to do a rap bit on a morning show, but add in the fact you have football coaches who are usually not known for doing a lot in the way of fun, this is becoming more entertaining week after week. Could you imagine if they find a way to bring in someone like Les Miles, or Nick Saban?

But this week it was Dan McCarney who put his “skills” to the test. The song he did was not really a rap song, but the sound bite is pure gold. He made the request play something from his generation and you can easily say that he has no future as a singer, but he made it fun and sounded like he had a blast. This will be something his players will not let him live down, but they will probably have more respect for him after this. It will be interesting to see if they keep up this routine of coaches coming in and doing this bit.

Here is the link if you want to hear Dan McCarney sing.

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  1. Hats off to him to have the courage to do it. However, he needs to stay with his day job.

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