Dan McCarney gets extension through 2018

Dan McCarneyIt is being reported North Texas Mean Green head coach Dan McCarney will be receiving an extension through the 2018 season. This is a great move by the university because North Texas just finished off a very successful 9-4 season which was capped off by a victory in the Heart of Dallas bowl on New Year’s Day. It has only been three years since Dan McCarney took over the Mean Green, but under him the team has seen a remarkable improvement on the field and in home attendance. Even though McCarney is only 18-19 in his three seasons in Denton, it is a huge improvement from the 13-58 record they had before him.

The fan base in Denton is a sleeping giant, and it is beginning to look like they are being woken up by McCarney’s football team. They have had better attendance this season along with the move to a new conference which is going to help improve the stature in a state where recruiting is a cut throat business. McCarney and his staff won’t steal players from the likes of Texas or Oklahoma, but they can offer up a big time football experience to a kid who may have been looking at a FCS school or even division two. It is safe to say he has done yeoman’s work in his three years in Denton, but ask anyone around town and they will say “the sky is the limit” for this team.

After being within arm’s reach of a chance to win the conference in their first season, then going into a bowl game and winning on a national stage. Don’t be surprised if Dan McCarney and his Mean Green team are competing for more conference titles and winning more bowl games in the coming years. Under McCarney, the Mean Green really has a chance to make a name for themselves and prove they can compete with the other two local universities for recruits and attention. Denton may soon become a destination for local recruits instead of a last resort, and that is all thanks to Dan McCarney and his staff.

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  1. Glad you gave him some recognition Kody. He deserved it. He is a quality guy and they will improve from here. Maybe the alumni will even catch on and start going to some of their games. I hope so. Good blog.

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