Dallas Stars Playoff Hopes

Dallas StarsDallas Stars currently on the outside looking in, for playoff spot

The Dallas stars are so very close to being in the playoff sport, as of the 27th, they are three points out of the last playoff spot in the west. While they have been playing good hockey and could be in position to  make the playoffs, they are going to need some help at this point, because they only have one game left against the team in front of them.

This would be the time for Stars fans to become a fan of any team facing the Phoenix Coyotes, because they Stars need them to lose at least once or twice before they play them to end the season on April 13th. Most fans would say, why not root for them to lose more than that? and it would benefit the Stars to not have to play a “winner take all” game against them.

While there aren’t any real “gimmie” games remaining on the schedule, it would seem if the Stars are able to play to their potential, they could be in position to catch and pass the Coyotes before their game at the end of the year. While this team wasn’t picked by many to be a playoff team this year, the fact they are so close is just a tribute to the ownership and front office staff.

The Stars have gotten the best out of the players they have and making the playoffs when many perceived the team in rebuilding mode would be an amazing feat. Many are seeing the Stars as a team on the rise, and in the next couple seasons they could be in position to complete not only for the playoffs, but even a divisional or conference championship.

This team is young and still has a lot of maturing to do, but a playoff berth and possible run could help this team out more than anyone could know. Yes, they aren’t in yet, but now is when they will learn to play under extreme pressure and it could benefit them going forward. If this team can make the playoffs, they could be a surprise to a lot of teams.


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4 thoughts on “Dallas Stars Playoff Hopes

  1. Nice plea Kody. Maybe Phoenix will drop one or two. Hopefully the Stars will make it into the playoffs. They are young and fun to watch.

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  3. Rebuilding years are tough but lots of strong young players aboard. They will be bringing the Stanley Cup back to Dallas shortly.

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