Dallas Mavericks Acquire Rondo

RondoThursday Night the Dallas Mavericks finalized a trade where they will acquire Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics, in a surprising move which seemed to come out of nowhere and built steam throughout the day. While getting the talent of a Rondo will be a benefit to the team, there will also be some loss with having to trade-off Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder, Jameer Nelson, a first round pick in 2015, second round pick in 2016, and a 12.9 million trade exception. In this case, the positive outweighs the negative for his talent.

Rondo is by far a player who will make everyone better around him, and guys like Chandler Parsons and Dirk Nowitzki will benefit greatly from playing next to him. You could almost say this trade is similar to the Jason Kidd trade which ended up bringing a championship to Dallas. Some people will fear this being a “rental” because he is nearing free agency, but there are rumors he would be willing to re-sign with the Mavericks which could be a huge boost to a team which isn’t far away from being a championship contender.

There will obviously be an adjustment period with the team when Rondo steps on the floor for the first few games, but it is safe to say the Mavs will be a force by the time the playoffs roll around. Are they now the team to beat in the western conference? Some experts will immediately say yes, and they probably are right. But there are a couple of teams who could still stand in the way of the Mavericks and their biggest foe is just down the road in San Antonio.

Will bringing Rajon to Dallas bring a championship? Most would say yes, but let’s give it time. He has the talent and ability to catapult this team into champions, but everything has to mesh together and that may take some time to build chemistry. But now the Mavericks may steal some of the spotlight from the Cowboys with this trade and if they go on a big winning streak, watch out…Mavs mania will set in quickly.


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