Dallas-Fort Worth; Metroplex of Championships?

The Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex has had one interesting year, it has been an area full of championships. This run started last October when the Texas Rangers were in the World Series and has continued through the area hosting Super Bowl XLV in Cowboys Stadium, and now the Dallas Mavericks will be in the NBA Finals which will bring three of the big four championships to the metroplex in the last eight months. The only major sports championship that is missing out of this run is the NHL’s Stanley Cup finals.

While having teams involved in two of the three championships this last year, there is still the fact that the local teams have not hoisted a trophy here since the Dallas Stars in 1999. Before the Texas Rangers miracle run last year, the last team to even have a chance to win a championship was the Dallas Mavericks in 2006, which oddly enough, they will be playing the same opponent this time around. unfortunately the main team of the area, Dallas Cowboys have not had any real clear shot at winning a title, and their last championship game back in 1996. You can’t forget that FC Dallas played for the MLS cup last year also, so even the soccer team has had a chance to hoist a championship lately, but they lost and the drought has continued.

A lot of sports pundits and experts seem to think that this would be first time that this feat has been accomplished, but they would be wrong. Los Angeles hosted a World Series, and an NBA Finals in 1966, then hosted Super Bow I in 1967, and as far as I can tell, there is no other area that has come close to hosting that many championships in that time frame. Regardless of what happens in the NBA finals and the rest of this year, sports fans in Dallas-Fort Worth need to have a sense of pride that they have accomplished a feat as a major sports hub that hasn’t been done in 45 years. With as many major metropolitan areas that tout multiple pro franchises, this is a feat that will be hard to accomplish again. So puff your chest out DFW, you are making the local sports fans proud.

One thought on “Dallas-Fort Worth; Metroplex of Championships?

  1. Nice article Kody. Didn’t realize all of the facts you mentioned. Yes, it would be wonderful to see a local franchise hoist a flag…but has been great fun watching the various games. Maybe the Mavs will add one for the area against the Heat. Two other great treats in the area are the Colonial and Nelson golf tournaments and of course NASCAR’s two race weekends. This is a great area to live in for a sports fan.

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