Crowne Plaza Invitational: Tournament Wrap up

Coming into the final round on Sunday, it was going to be a two man duel for 18 holes. But everyone would figure that Jason Dufner would hold steady and win the 2012 Crowne Plaza Invitational. But the course decided to rear its head and knock Dufner off the thrown. Maybe it was the hectic schedule, maybe it was stress or the heat. Either way, Jason Dufner came out and looked human for the first time all weekend and opened the door for Zach Johnson.

While both golfers seemed to struggle throughout the round, it just looked like that Zach Johnson had just enough to find a way to win. But he wasn’t able to just run off with it like some thought he was about too. These two golfers turned what could have been a boring finish, into an exciting duel
It wasn’t until the duo turned on the back nine that things really got interesting. Just when it looked like Dufner could close up and find a way to make the history that has eluded the Dallas-Fort Worth two step for so many years. But it was not meant to be…an untimely bad hole all but sealed the deal for Johnson to win his 2nd Crowne Plaza invitational. At least until the 18th hole…for the entire round.

With a 3 stroke lead, Johnson would  make a mistake at the end of 18 that had everyone scratching their heads. Because he moved his mark before Dufner’s final putt and forgot to replace it before he putted, he was penalized two strokes. Luckily for Johnson he was ahead by three, and he was able to joke about it after the fact.

At the start of the post tournament press conference, he went ahead and asked everyone to get it out of the way. But in true gentleman’s fashion, he was complimentary of his playing partner and seemed thrilled to add a 2nd plaid jacket to his collection(or maybe it was the million dollar payout). This was a great tournament and had an exciting finish, one thing is for sure, there will probably be a lot more duels between Zach Johnson and Jason Dufner in the future.

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  2. Good blog Kody. You did a good job hitting the high points of the tournament. It was really a two man duel.

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