Cowboys Sign Greg Hardy; but at what cost?

The Dallas Cowboys made another splash in free agency when they signed free agent, Greg Hardy. But this signing comes with a lot of trepidation from the Cowboys fan base. Most of the time, a fan base cheers when a big name player is signed to their team. But in this case, Hardy is part of a few players who no fan wants associated with their team. He was charged and convicted of domestic abuse in North Carolina, but then the charges were dropped.

The fact he was convicted means he is guilty, but he won’t go to jail. So now he was able to sign with the Cowboys, but he has a bad image and could be a potential PR nightmare for the Cowboys. I am not going to dispute the fact he is an exciting and explosive player on the field, and he will boost the defense immensely, if he plays more than handful of games this year. But while the Cowboys have been smart this offseason, this returns the ghosts of old Jerry’s stupidity.

If Hardy plays well, and helps catapult the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, then he will be forgiven by some, and he will be able to see if another team will offer up a big contract to him. But if he has one little issue, he will become another bad signing in a long history of dumb moves Jerry Jones has made. I won’t sit here and pass judgement on the guy, but I will say this, there is more damage can be done to the Cowboys than positive bringing in this guy. But only time will really tell how it all plays out.

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