It’s time for Cowboys to look to future

Cowboys QB Romo Injured on Thanksgiving

Cowboys QB Romo Injured on Thanksgiving

Tony Romo just suffered his 2nd broken clavicle this season, and has left the Cowboys relying on a backup for the rest of this season. This is the 2nd time in his career he won’t play at least 13 games. He broke his clavicle in 2010, and twice this year, but he has also had back surgery during the off-season last year.

Romo is 35 and looking closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Since Jerry Jones has bought the Cowboys, the team has only drafted four quarterbacks, Troy Aikman, Bill Musgrave, Quincy Carter, and Stephen McGee. Now only Troy Aikman has had any success and lead the team to three Super Bowls.

Considering the other skill positions, and offensive line are really coming into their own right now, it would benefit the Cowboys to start looking towards life after Tony Romo. He may have two or three good years left, if he can even stay healthy. You don’t want to waste the rest of the talent on this team by trying to bring in some “Fix it now” quarterback.

It has even been suggested Matt Stafford would be a suitable replacement, which I don’t disagree with, but why would you want to bring in someone who was discarded by another team. If the Cowboys want to find their way back to winning championships, they need to focus on building with a franchise quarterback.

It has been a painful argument for fans for years, but they have always supported the team and been there to root them on. But there is a lot of grumbling within the fan base about the lack of desire to build with a new franchise quarterback. This season is probably lost, and the Cowboys will probably have their best shot at getting a good first round draft pick.

If Jerry Jones doesn’t attempt to draft a new quarterback, then he will fall to a new level of stupidity that Cowboys fans aren’t even ready to admit too.

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