Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan Fired by the Cowboys

Rob Ryan Fired by the Cowboys

It was announced yesterday evening that the Dallas Cowboys had fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, which has led to a major case of morning sickness for Cowboys fans across the area. Reactions from fans on Twitter, Facebook and even on call in talk shows have ranged from anger to disbelief.

Most fans feel like Ryan got the short end of the stick since he hasn’t been here very long and the simple fact he was able to more with less. Rob Ryan helped plug in guys who went from sitting on their couches to playing in the NFL almost overnight.  This proves to be another very unpopular decision by Jerry Jones.

Rob Ryan made a statement after the news of the firing and pretty much said, “I won’t be unemployed for long” and he is very right. He has a chance to get on with another team, and will probably end up making the Cowboys pay dearly for this decision. Because everyone seems to think the wrong coach got fired last night, most fans would have you believe it should have been Jason Garrett who was let go last night.  But we all know Jerry won’t run his puppet out of town until pressure from the fans becomes unbearable.


5 thoughts on “Cowboys Fire Rob Ryan

  1. You are right on the mark. I don’t care for Ryan, but at least he made the most of what he had on the field. Jones will never learn. He said years ago when he ran off Jimmy Johnson any of 500 coaches could coach the Cowboys and win a Super Bowl. What number is he on now?

    • Double digits on head coaches…probably a lot higher if you take into account every position coach and coordinator that has passed through Dallas. Just think, Sean Payton was here…

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  3. I don’t think things get better in Dallas until Jerry resigns as GM. Which could be a while unfortunately. Jerry loves the attention.

    • Jerry will never resign as GM, he will be just like Al Davis and unfortunately carry the Cowboys down that same path. I hope it won’t come to that, but I am prepared for it just the same.

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