Cowboys control Destiny; eyeing playoffs

Cowboys DestinyThe Dallas Cowboys are facing a tough test on Sunday against the Colts on Sunday, but they have the biggest carrot of recent history in front of them. If they continue to win, and can stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, they will win the NFC East and end a playoff drought. The Colts have already earned a playoff spot, and will most likely rest key guys to prevent injuries. This sets up well for the Cowboys since they are still playing for their post season lives.

The Cowboys need the Eagles to lose, or to just win out to make the playoffs. One stub of their toe could end a chance at the playoffs. This season has been a bright spot in the eyes of Cowboys fans after so many years of mediocrity. While this team isn’t billed as a Super Bowl contender, we have seen in past years, where a surprise team can make a run. If Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant keep up their production, then the Cowboys could hang with just about anyone in the league.

Fans will probably not want to blindly believe this team is a lock for the playoffs, because there has been years of heartbreak in the past, and more years of mediocrity than most fans would care to admit. It has been a long time before anyone has felt confident about the team, and this year could change some of that thinking if the team makes the playoffs. The simple fact for the Cowboys is if they win out, they are in and they won’t have to hope for another team to lose. All Garret has to do is keep the team focused and try to win the game in front of them. A win on Sunday will keep their goal in mind and get them one step closer to the goal of making the playoffs.

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