The Cowboys are the Kardashians of the NFL

Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys have slowly become more of a circus in the NFL than a team with a winning tradition. It seems when the Cowboys are mentioned on TV, it is because of some off the wall statement by Jerry Jones or from something not football related. Jerry Jones recently said the Cowboys are part of “the highest rated show on TV”. Um, Jerry, I didn’t think the NFL was a show, I thought it was a sport.

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock, or in a cave for the last decade will know the name of the Kardashians all too well, even if you don’t want too. The Kardashians have become more famous because of a sex tape, which led to the other girls to jump on that fame like a frog to a lily pad. They are now regular staples on gossip shows and websites. But they stay famous by marrying stars and reality shows. And it seems like the Cowboys are the same way, there is always some stunt or some gimmick to get the Cowboys name back out into the masses.

Jerry Jones is the head mouthpiece for the franchise and it almost comes off as calculated when he goes in front of a microphone and says something asinine, but it gets the brand out there and keeps their name in the papers. The Cowboys have not won anything of significance since 1996 and haven’t even been in the playoffs recently enough for most to care, yet they stay in the news.

Which is where the parallel seems to be drawn between the Cowboys and the Kardashians. Neither one has done anything recently enough to stay in the media, but yet both are always making headlines. The Cowboys need to quit focusing on being a circus and focus on Football, because it is always some stunt to keep the team relevant. Instead of focusing on a stunt, why not start winning and you will be relevant for winning and not being compared to a family who got famous for a sex tape.

But I think most fans realize as long as Jerry Jones is running the show, it will be more about the circus and the media attention than it is about trying to build a winning football team.

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