Could Matt Stafford be a Cowboy???

Stafford-RomoRick Gosselin recently wrote an article about Stafford being an heir apparent to Romo in the Dallas Morning News. Which has led me to start thinking, while the Cowboys are going “all in” on winning a title with Romo, he is nearing the end of his career and with his recent injury struggles, he may only have two years max.

Matt Stafford on the other hand, is young and has the talent to really be something special in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, he has been stuck in the wasteland that is Detroit. He has put up some good numbers, proven his worth as an NFL quarterback but his results have not reached the lofty expectations the Detroit fans want. 

But let’s be real here, Detroit will never achieve the greatness their fans clamor for. Now back to the thought at hand, Stafford is a local kid, went to Highland Park High School and will be turning 30 in 2018, so he will be an experienced quarterback with quality numbers, but never had the full line up of talent around him which the Cowboys are building. Yes, he had Megatron, but not much else.

The timeline seems to make perfect sense, Romo will be bowing out and Stafford will potentially be a free agent in 2018 which could line everything up perfect for Stafford to come home and be the next quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. The only reason this even comes up, because it is clear Jerry Jones will not draft the next quarterback, he would rather find a proven guy then develop him.

Don’t be surprised in a couple of years to see another number 9 at center for the Cowboys, but instead of Romo, Stafford will be on the back of the jersey. If this does play out, it could be a great move for the Cowboys.

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