College Football Season in Review

Now that we have crowned a national champion, and I have had time to digest what the last few months have held. I decided to do a season in review and hit on some points that were big stories throughout the season. I am sure I am not the only person who is mourning the end of the season, but can start counting down until the next kickoff.

Auburn: The hidden Champion
At the beginning of the season, nobody in their right mind had Auburn picked to win the championship. They were ranked 22nd andwere picked to be a mid-pack team in the SEC. But as with any season, things tend to happen to change perception. Cam Newton became one of the most electric players to watch, not to mention the fact that he was making plays nobody could fathom. As for Gene Chizik, nobody ever thought he was the right coach for the job, but he turned what was a good team, into a great team and put them up on the mountain top. This just proves that if you have some luck, and some really good players, a team can climb from the bottom of the top 25 to champion.

Down Years: Texas and Florida fall off the wagon
There are seasons where you expect teams to fall off and have trouble. For both Texas and Florida, this wasn’t going to be that season. Maybe it was the experts were putting more into the teams than what they really were, or maybe it was the past 10 years set up for high expectations for both. Either way, the seasons of both teams were very down compared to where everyone thought they would be. Florida had a decent season and was able to attend a bowl game. Texas on the other hand just imploded and lost games to teams that they should never lose to. There has been turnovers on both campuses as for coaching staffs. So, hopefully fans of these two programs can get back to where they belong next season.

TCU: The not so little sister of the Poor
At the beginning of the season, everyone expected Boise State to be the team to break through the barrier and play in a BCS bowl. But thanks to an upset in Reno, that opened the door for the TCU Horned Frogs. Who completed a perfect season with a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin. This is a huge step for the program and could catapult them into the national conscience every season from now on.

As the season has now ended, these were the biggest stories I focused on during the season. Sure, there was the NCAA making headlines every other week, and always investigating someone. But I tried to be positive. Only 200 plus days until the next kickoff.

3 thoughts on “College Football Season in Review

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  2. Nice review Kody. I think all of your points were well taken. TCU, Auburn, Texas etc…you were right on the mark. I’m counting down the days with you little buddy and looking for something to watch on TV….arrrggghhh. Come on NASCAR.

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