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I want to apologize for the tardiness of this post. I meant to write it after the alleged National Championship game and have it ready to go a few days after the game had been played; but let’s face it…That was the most boring National Championship game ever…it was like reading the same book twice within a month. However we live in a bizarre world where the ending suddenly changed. Yes, I know I once wrote I was okay with the rematch…and I still would be…had LSU actually won.

Don’t get me wrong. LSU didn’t deserve to win that game with the way they played. However, I am left feeling empty and confused as a college football fan. We saw two teams play twice and win on each other’s turf. Are you kidding me BCS?!?!?!? Alabama doesn’t deserve to be a champion, and they didn’t deserve to be in the championship game! If this ending has to be the case then they should have them play a “rubber match” since each team one once. Alabama didn’t even win their division of the SEC. Come on….

Now, before you Alabama homers decide to jump my case, I will be the first to admit they did win the game fair and square. But let’s admit it, even to the most hardcore fan; Alabama didn’t deserve to even be there. They didn’t win their division and they didn’t win their conference. About the only thing they accomplished was beating the team that beat them earlier in the season. I’m sorry but this just makes me sick!

I love college football more than any sport that is played…I write about it to an obsessive point. I shut myself in for 6 months during the year just for college football. I always look forward to the march towards a National Championship and this year I just feel shorted. I enjoy the season, and yes I even enjoy the bowl games. But since the BCS came into existence, nearly every year I feel there were better teams than the ones who played for the mythical “National Championship”.

This year is not any different; in fact it is the worst one yet. There were some really good match ups in the bowl games and I even got to attend two of them. It was exciting seeing teams play who normally don’t get to play each other. But you know the system is severely broken when you have two face each other for a National Championship and they played in a conference earlier in the season. I promise this isn’t going to turn into a playoff rant…but it is just too hard not to lean that way after the anti-climactic ending to what was a stellar season.

Just as a side note, I also got to attend the FCS (Division 1-AA) championship game. They had a 24 team playoff that lasted for 4 weeks (not counting layoff between semi-finals and championship). Gee! What do you know! A playoff system that actually works and doesn’t leave fans hanging at the end of the season…ok, sorry rant over.

I am not trying to beat a dead horse here, but I am really disappointed the way this season ended. I hope the “powers that be” will realize how stupid and insignificant this championship really is. There needs to be major changes, otherwise they might as well just hand the National Championship trophy to the number one team at the end of the regular season. At least then it would produce a meaningful champion. If you will recall, LSU was the only unbeaten team at the end of the year.

It is a shame to see a great regular season flushed down the toilet by this stupid “BCS” rating system.

Hopefully “these powers that be” will realize you don’t need 35 bowl games. Many of the teams in these “nothing bowls” had six and six and some six and seven seasons. Duh? The interest level was made perfectly clear…all you had to do was look at the empty seats in the stadiums and then see what kind of TV ratings they drew. End of story.

Let’s go back to where bowl games mean something. Let’s get a playoff system of some kind to determine a real National Champion. This year was a farce.


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4 thoughts on “College Football Rant

  1. I couldn’t agree more Kody. Very well written and thought out. It does need to be fixed. Bosie State, Houston, Stanford, Oregon, Ok State were all as qualified as Alabama…and they won their conferances on the field. What a bummer. Had to be politics and TV money that drove this one.

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    • We can only hope so. But I am sure they will find some reason to keep that from happening. IF they are so greedy, they should realize there are more millions to be made through a playoff.

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