Cole Beasley; Local kid making a splash at camp

Cole Beasley is a kid from the Denton County town of Little Elm and is one of the few players in training camp that I can actually say I saw every stage of his career.  He was originally the quarterback for Little Elm but showed a burst of speed in the option which attracted SMU to him. When he enrolled at SMU, he was soon converted into a receiver and during his career with the Mustangs he became one of their top receivers in his last season.

Now he is making a name for himself at Cowboys training camp. Beasley has been likened to a Wes Welker type receiver. There is a spot on the Roster available for a quality receiver and special team’s player like Cole Beasley if he can continue to impress the coaches at training camp. There was a time for about a day and a half where it looked like Beasley was going to leave the team and not return.

Beasley returned to the team after a day away and has continued to impress. Beasley was invited to Camp as an un-drafted free agent; he attended the “Dallas Day” just before the draft where local college talent can show their stuff to the coaches and scouts. Cole Beasley was one of the few who impressed enough to earn an invite to camp.

He hasn’t earned his spot on the roster yet, but with some impressive play during the pre-season games, he could lock up a 4th or 5th receiver spot. Being impressive in camp doesn’t always mean you can make team. But with Beasley’s ability to make plays and the fact he is an unknown could work in his favor.  As Cole Beasley is trying to earn his spot on the roster, he will have the entire support of the Town of Little Elm, a nice little town by the lake northwest of Dallas.

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  1. Neat story Kody. Since he is an SMU guy, might make a good story for Big East Bias. Very good article and very interesting. One of those “feel good” stories.

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