Coach Kingsbury Raps

Kliff KingsburyCoach Kliff Kingsbury has become the most popular name and coach in all of college football. He is popular with recruits as well as coeds, but he doesn’t make a big fuss and he hasn’t been out making headlines. So imagine my surprise when his name came up on local radio show New School with Shan and RJ. They do a bid called “Yo Roger Raps” and they bring in local celebrities to put their take on rap songs. Now you can imagine how horrible some of them can be, and some are surprisingly good.

While Coach Kingsbury is one of the younger and “hipper” coaches in College football, you really don’t look at him and think he has any chance at rapping. But surprisingly enough, his rendition of “all I do is win” was good. Now I am not a Tech fan, and I don’t really have much of an opinion on the guy, but I was surprised when I heard it. He will probably pick up more fans because of this, just because people always seem to latch onto guys when they start doing stuff like this and gain popularity. Will it help him in recruiting if this goes viral? Maybe, but then again…maybe the players know about this side of their coach.

So Kudos to Kliff Kingsbury for surprising sports fans with an actual talent to rap, but don’t quit your day job because you will not be winning a Grammy any time soon. Follow the link below to hear the song from 1053 the fan, because I am unable to pull the audio player from the website, which is probably on purpose. Enjoy it and pass it along, this will probably go viral.

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  2. I’m not a Tech fan, but I am thrilled to see this young man get his “fifteen minutes of fame”. I well remember his playing days and and proud for him he obtained such a lofty position at this young age. All the best to him. Neat article Kody.

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