The Texas Rangers have been a Major League franchise for 40 years, and until last year, the team has never even been to the World Series. This year they made their 2nd appearance in a row, but unlike last year, fans were not satisfied with making it to the “Fall Classic”. Expectations were high, nothing less than a championship would suffice.

Be careful for what you ask for.  After the stunning loss of game 6, the Rangers were a worn out bunch of rag muffins. Oh they talked a good game and even jumped out to a two run lead in the first inning of the final game 7…but the spark was not there.  You could sense it – they were running on empty.  They letSt. Louistie it in the bottom of the first and it was downhill from there.  Where was the gusto?  Where was the bravado?  Where was the brazen and unfailing confidence?

Unfortunately it was all left on the field in game 6.  Yes, I’m proud to have seen them in back to back World Series games; but it’s the long suffering, lifelong fans who deserve better.  The management decisions of game 6 were enough to wreck anyone’s psyche; not to mention the wild eyed players who had never been on a stage this grand.   No matter what excuses were offered – the game management and the player’s errors ruined the Rangers chances for the Grand Prize.  Sooner or later they have to obtain some good dependable pitching.  Sooner or later they have take responsibility for their errors, bad decisions and learn to be a winner.   It was in their grasp and they let it slip away.  This team has only achieved real post season success for the last two years, because in the late 90’s there were unfortunate first round exits. Many fans would hear the beleaguered taunts about this team; they said “the Rangers will never win it all; they can’t build a winner inTexas”. Guess what? They did it!  Unfortunately in game 7 the “old” Texas Rangers showed up to play.  And to put the icing on the cake, they crawled under a rock after the first inning and gave up the ghost.

I agree much improvement has been made since new management has taken over the team.  I realize there were many teams who would have traded places with them no matter what the outcome.  But we as fans deserve better.  First time shame on you, second time shame on me.  The first trip to The Big Show can be overlooked, but this year it can’t.  They continue to make the same mistakes over and over.  I’ve often heard the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over and expect a different result.

It’s going to be a long soul searching time until spring training rolls around again.  They don’t need to put this behind them…they need to fix it. Washingtonis a good manager, but he completely melted down in game 6 making awful baseball decisions.  He has too much loyalty to his players and won’t pull them when it is painfully obvious to everyone watching the game the player needs to come out of the game.  The players melted down and committed one stupid mistake after the other in game 6.  Someone needs to have them come to grips with their problems and work to change them.  The same ones keep doing the same things over and over.  Someone needs to have them learn from their mistakes and hold them accountable.

How many chances do you have to get to the World Series?  Think back about all of the Super Bowls the Buffalo Bills made and did not win a one.  If you get to the top of the mountain you need to stake the flag.

This is a team of players who either were cast offs or players nobody had much confidence in when they traded them toTexas.  Others came from the Rangers much improved farm system.  However this band of “vagabonds” proved to the Major Leagues’ it takes more than a superstar or a $120 Million payroll to win a championship…it takes a team effort.  I’m proud they made it to the show; just disgusted they gave it away – two years in a row.

Isolate the problems; address the sloppy play, errors and pitching.  HelpWashington. In huge game situations and have someone there for him to counsel with (who knows what they are doing) and teach him to make sound baseball decisions…not decisions from his gut or his heart.  We are on the cusp of forming a new dynasty.  This can be a team of destiny.  Don’t let it slip away.  Fix the problems.  We were close this time, but no cigar.

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  1. Nice article Kody. Couldn’t agree more. Too many bad managerial decisions in the game (especially game 6). Lots of errors. No pitching. Receipe for disaster.

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