Classy Move by NBA to draft Isaiah Austin

Isaiah Austin

Last week during the NBA draft, Commissioner Adam Silver stopped and did something very classy and solidified his presence as Commissioner. He stopped the draft in between picks number 15 and 16 and had a very nice speech about Baylor Center Isaiah Austin, who recently just had to put the brakes on his basketball career because of a disease called Marfan syndrome.

It is ashamed to see this kid have to give up his dream after he already had to fight a detached retina early on in his life to be able to make it as far as he has come. But with anything else, the most unfair things happen to people who seem to not deserve them.

But for Austin, he was able to go and be part of the NBA draft and Adam Silver went out of his way to give Austin his ceremonial draft pick. While it is unknown what will happen to Austin from here on out, it is a sure thing he will never play in the NBA, but some would hope, maybe a team will take a chance to bring him in as a scout or even as a front office assistant and at least give the kid a chance to be around the NBA.

No matter what happens going forward, you have to tip your cap to the NBA for such a classy move and Adam Silver has done nothing but endear himself to the players and fans. He has more respect going forward now, than he did the day he took over for David Stern. Kudos to you Mr. Silver.

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