Chuck Greenberg to Resign as Rangers CEO

In some very surprising news overnight, it has come out from Surprise, that Chuck Greenberg is expected to resign as CEO of the Rangers. The reason for the sudden departure is because he has over stepped his authority as being reported by the local media. While Greenberg has been the front man since the new ownership took over, he has also made some headlines that could have been avoided.

Some fans will see this as a negative thing and this will end up hurting the Rangers this upcoming season. In reality, this won’t hurt the club, Greenberg was a small player in the grand scheme. He was only to run the back end and behind the scenes stuff. Nolan Ryan was to be the face of the franchise and be the main person fans saw running the team. As long as the main part of the ownership group stays intact, the Rangers will be just fine, Greenberg was just a small piece of the puzzle.

This is still a developing story that may change throughout the day, so please stay tuned for more information.

Update at 12:00PM:
The Rangers have released a full statment from Chuck Greenberg. He is going to sell back his share of the ball club and Nolan Ryan will take over as CEO and President of the Texas Rangers. Makes you wonder if this isn’t a Nolan Ryan power play.

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6 thoughts on “Chuck Greenberg to Resign as Rangers CEO

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  3. Thanks for the news. I didn’t even know it. Didn’t know who he was anyway…Nolan will make it all work.

  4. I had no idea….I hope it wont hurt the club….maybe it will make a couple band wagoners jump ship and free up a couple tix for the lifers.

    • I highly doubt this will effect the club on the field, it may make for a lot of meida fodder over the next couple weeks. And the fans who jump ship over this ordeal weren’t going to be around when things got tense with the team anyway.

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