Change upon the Hilltop; SMU Fires Matt Doherty


SMU announced it has decided to part ways with Matt Doherty after six very lackluster seasons. There was a lot of hope and excitement heading into this season after being invited to play in the tournament last season. The hope was the Mustangs could build on that success and make a potential run into the NCAA Tournament.

Instead, this year was met with regression and more struggling. While nobody would say it during the year, there was a sentiment that Doherty would be relieved of his coaching duties if the team didn’t turn it around. This was the last thing SMU Basketball needed on the heels of the announcement of joining the Big East.

Steve Orisini, the athletic director of SMU, said that they will immediately begin a national coaching search for Doherty’s replacement. But he would not give any inclination if there are any potential candidates at this time. SMU would like to see it’s basketball program start to build a winning program soon because they are about to begin a 40+ million dollar renovation of Moody Coliseum.

Doherty was 80-109 in his six seasons on the hilltop. He was very graceful in his exit and wished the school and the players the best of luck. He is estimated to walk away with a 500,000 buyout of his contract. The next question everyone is asking now, who will come coach the Mustangs as they head into the basketball dominant Big East?

3 thoughts on “Change upon the Hilltop; SMU Fires Matt Doherty

  1. They best take a step up as the are stepping into a big basketball conference. Nice piece Kody.

  2. This pretty much has to mean the end of Doherty’s coaching career at the D-I level, doesn’t it?

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