Chad Ochocinco to get 4 day “Trial” with MLS Club

It was released today on the Sporting Kansas City website today that NFL star and twitter personality Chad Ochocinco is going to try his hand at soccer with the club starting on Tuesday. While this will be news to any real average fan, anyone who has been following Chad on twitter, it is very well documented on his love of soccer and his passion to try and play. While he hasn’t played soccer competitively since he was a kid and gave up the sport for football in high school.

While it isn’t surprising that he would take advantage of the lock out to try his hand at this sport. It is surprising that he found a club willing to take the risk of giving him the chance to try out without any real experience playing past his childhood. Some will say that this is a publicity stunt by the club and the MLS to try and garner some attention while the NFL is shut down. Maybe it is, maybe this is a real deal and he really wants to play. Either way, it is a win for the MLS because he will bring a lot of attention to the sport that may be over looked by most.

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3 thoughts on “Chad Ochocinco to get 4 day “Trial” with MLS Club

  1. It would suit me if he went to MLS and stayed. Maybe he could talk T O into going with him.

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