Series Recap – Chicago White Sox

Texas RangersThe Rangers are coming off taking three out of four against division foe Seattle, and they will finish off their home stand with a three game series against the Chicago White Sox.   This could be a big series for the Rangers since they will hit the road after this for back to back series against divisional opponents on the road, while the division may not be won in April, it can be lost if you have a poor enough showing. Continue reading

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Should fans be held accountable?

On Saturday the news broke about a story where Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State shoved a fan after an exchange of words in the stands. At first it sounded like the case of a kid who let his emotions got the best of him and didn’t think about his actions. But as this story has progressed there have been some things that just don’t make any sense. Start with the fact, the fan “claims” to have called Smart a “piece of crap”, and said he would not attend another Texas Tech game this season. If that is all he said, why would he just quit going to games? There have been reports it was a racial slur, and nobody will ever really know what was said but Smart and the fan. My question here is should fans be held more accountable for their actions? Continue reading

What is D-FW?


Josh Hamilton became public enemy number one when he came out in the media just after leaving the Rangers to play for the Angels, saying Dallas was not a “Baseball town”. This lead to a whole campaign to prove him wrong and show him it is in fact a baseball town. But now things have died down from that statement, I started thinking about it and it really made me wonder, what is Dallas-Fort Worth?

In the true sense of the term, DFW is not a “Baseball town”. Now, before you jump my rear end, please continue reading. The Rangers have been in the metroplex since 1972 and just now having their longest run of success, which has fans flocking to the ballpark in record numbers. For the most part, the Rangers have not been on the forefront of sports fans minds in the area. It doesn’t mean fans didn’t follow them or support them, just didn’t go to the ballpark like they are now.

So, if DFW is not a “Baseball town”, then what is it? This is where it really gets hard to pin point one sport to define Dallas-Fort Worth. The Cowboys are the main team which seem to be on everyone’s minds and dominate media coverage day in and day out. But they haven’t had any sustained success in well over a decade.

The Mavericks and Stars have been able to fill up American Airlines arena when they were winning. With that being said, DFW is more of a Winning town than one particular sport or team. The Cowboys will be the primary team, just because Texas is a football hot bed. So, yes, Dallas-Fort Worth is not a “Baseball” town. It is a winner’s town, as long as the Rangers continue to win; they will carry the average or bandwagon fan.

Are sports fans ready for Gay Athletes?

Last week the news broke when Jason Collins became the first active player to announce he is openly gay. This was major news because there had never been an active athlete to ever announce this; usually most would wait until they have been retired a few years to even mention it. To say there were mixed reviews would be an understatement, but for the most part, other players seemed to be supportive of him.

But this led me to wonder, how are sports fans taking this news? Most everyone I have talked with about it seem to have a “who cares” attitude. One person even said “being gay doesn’t affect his ability to play the game”. Which is a very true statement, but for most fans, especially the younger fans there is a perceived “macho” attitude and expectation towards professional athletes. Does Collins being “open” about his true self make him less macho?

Former players have come out and said they suspected some of their former teammates as being gay, but again, nobody ever came out and said it or admitted it. Are players willing to be more accepting today than they have been in the past? I guess we won’t really ever know until there are more players who take the same step Collins did. What about the owners and front office staff? Will they be accepting, or will the “good ole boys club” try to shut out the player who opens up.

This will be the next issue we see raised as it seems like this will open the door for more players to open up and be true to themselves. It will be interesting to see how the NBA handles Jason Collins going forward, because he is a free agent and says he wants to continue to play. Will there be teams lining up to sign him? Or will they stay away from him. If he does get signed, will he be accepted by the fan base?

While these are questions that won’t be answered anytime soon, we can only hope society has come far enough to be accepting of an openly gay athlete. Fans, Owners and GM’s should all be ready to accept the fact  it will happen and do what is right, judge the player on his merit, not his sexual orientation. Because who a player has a relationship with does not affect his ability to play the game and fans shouldn’t care as long as they give their best to the team every time they play.

I’m Back

im-backI generally try to keep from posting personal stuff on this site, and I will always try to keep my site more sports oriented then some random place for me to start throwing out a bunch of personal items. But I felt because of my extended hiatus, I owed it to my readers to keep them informed. I have not quit writing; I just needed some time away to prepare for the birth of my son.

He joined us on April 8th at 6:47pm and we were very excited to welcome him, but after he was born he had to be moved to nursery before we could really spend any time with him. I was able to walk in there and be close by as the nurses examined him and concluded he would have to go to the NICU. It wasn’t anything life threatening  at that time, he just had some trouble breathing, but we were assured that he would be taken very good care of.

The Next day we met with the doctor and he explained to us what had happened, felt sure that our boy would be going home a couple days. Well, A couple days ended up becoming two weeks, not by any fault of the doctors or nurses, they were as great as you can expect them to be. Just some things kept happening and they opted on the side of caution, rather than send him home and have to return.

I am happy to say my son, and maybe future writer for the site, is doing great. It has been some adjustment for us having a baby again, but he is a special part of my life and I look forward to spending every evening with him. Now that we have our routine back and things are seemingly back to normal, or as normal as they can be with two kids. I plan to return to writing very soon. Thank you to those of you who sent thoughts and prayers from the minimal time I actually was on twitter and Facebook through this ordeal.

Also, for the beer lovers that follow my site, I have also started a side project called Kody’s Brew Korner, where I will post some thoughts on beers, beer bars and some general thoughts about stuff around beer. Be sure to check it out and follow me on facebook and twitter.