Are the Texas A&M Aggies a Contender?

aggies-undefeatedThe Texas A&M Aggies are undefeated for the first time since 1994. Take a moment and let that sink in…

The upset of a top ten Tennessee team has started wheels turning for a Surprising Aggie football team. Which had no expectations coming into 2016.

While the Aggies have been a moderately successful team since entering the Southeastern Conference. They have never been undefeated and a strong-looking team at the same time. Could this really be the year for the hopeless Aggies? Continue reading

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Longhorns Stun Sooners in Red River Upset

*** This is an emergency bulletin from the Norman Oklahoma national weather service; There is a flash flood warning for the next 365 days as there will be tons of Sooner tears falling into the river after today’s stunning upset***

Stun OUIf you still haven’t heard the news today, then you must have been living under a rock… Because there was an Oklahoma breakdown today in historic Cotton Bowl stadium courtesy of the Texas Longhorns. It was a win for the ages for the Longhorns, who have not been playing good this season.

From the opening kickoff, you just had a sense the Longhorns were fired up and wanted to prove all the “naysayers” wrong. There have been a lot of questions and concerns from the 40 Acres after the TCU blowout. But while everyone across the country, even most Texas faithful, had Oklahoma picked to win, the team on the field believed they could beat the 10th ranked Sooners. Continue reading

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A Resurgence for the SMU Mustangs

SMU ResurgenceWhile it is early in his tenure at SMU, Chad Morris has ignited a fire upon the hilltop and the team is showing the excitement not only on the practice field, but it is also showing through with their play on the field. While they are only one and three to this point of the season, there have been a ton of positives even within the three losses. Continue reading

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Tough Loss could benefit Mustangs

The Mustangs had high hopes and big expectations coming off winning both the regular season conference championship and conference tournament championship. Coming in as a number six seed, they expected to make a deep run into the tournament and hopefully surprise even more people than they did last season with an NIT Championship game run. But Larry Brown had his Mustangs expecting to surprise the world and make a deep run into April. But even he knew the first game would be as challenging as the last game. Continue reading

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SMU Found their man

The SMU Mustangs named their next head football coach this week, they signed Clemson Offensive coordinator Chad Morris their next head coach. While there will always be excitement about a new coach coming into town and overturn the staff, there is reason for excitement at SMU with this hire. Morris is known around the state of Texas and has a history with high school coaches from his time as the head coach at Lake Travis.

Fans shouldn’t expect Morris to come in and win immediately, but it is safe to say he will start building this program with local talent and should be able to have SMU back to their levels under June Jones. One knock on Jones was his reluctance to really heavily recruit the local kids, which probably helped his downfall. It is going to be a new start for the Mustangs, and while things won’t be great on day one, Morris can build this program in his vision and turn it into a competitive program.

The only real question is going to be how long will Morris be here? If he starts winning, he could draw the attention of some bigger programs. If that day does happen to come, he will probably leave the program in better shape than he found it. Things are looking up for SMU with this hire.

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