Carmelo takes his ball and goes home

Last night Carmelo Anthony got the result he had wanted since the beginning of this season. He got the trade to go home to New York to play for the Knicks. In essence, Carmelo has taken his ball and told the Nuggets he is going home. While he hasn’t been completely vocal about his wishes, he hasn’t been shy to say he wanted to play for New York, which is where he played his college ball. But you have to know behind the scenes he was killing any thought of going anywhere but New York.

This is just another case of a millionaire athlete being so selfish that he probably went to the Nuggets and said trade me to get something, or I am leaving after the season. Either way Carmelo did what he needed to do in the public’s eye that he will not receive any negative press. While the trade was big breaking news last night and has been sports talk fodder for the entire day. The real kicker here is New York gave away so much, they will probably not be competitive this season and depending on what happens in the off season and free agency, they may not be competitive next season. Either way Carmelo can smile a big happy smile and go home.