Can Tony Romo be the guy in Dallas?

While there is no fear of a quarterback competition, or any talk of anybody stealing the job from fan favorite Tony Romo. There has been some questions among fans and local media members about him being able to take the team over the top and win a super bowl. Even with good talent and a team that seemed stacked and ready to win it all, he has fallen short multiple times. But even with the questions and concerns from people outside of the franchise, he is still the guy in the number one spot.

John Kitna is in a position in his career that he just wants to sit on the bench and play mop up duty. Meanwhile 3rd stringer Stephen McGee seems to have some of the traits that have lead to winning teams in past years. He is more of a true quarterback type than Tony Romo, but one big problem is that we have never seen him consistently play with the 1st team, or against a 1st team defense. So while he has shown flashes of brilliance in pre-season and in late game fill in duty, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about him.

The one knock on Tony Romo is the fact that he is a “gun slinger” type quarterback and he will play off the cuff throughout the game. But the history in the NFL has shown that this style of quarterback is not going to consistently win anything big. It may be exciting to watch and fun to see what he can do to save a busted play. But unlike some of the other quarterbacks in the history who Tony plays like, he will end up making a costly turnover, or ending a great drive with some of his improvisations.

While the chips are stacked against Romo on ever getting to the Super Bowl and being a champion, he is still the fan favorite and will continue to be as long as he delivers wins on the field. It takes more than a quarterback to win a championship, but you can not even get there unless you have a great leader behind center. One of the biggest knocks on Tony is that he loves to live the playboy celebrity life style. While nothing is wrong with that, it has looked in the past that this lifestyle took precedence over the game. But this off season Tony settled down and got married to a local TV reporter, so maybe he will have a bigger focus on football and he will stay out of the limelight away from the bright lights of Cowboys Stadium.

If I am the Cowboys coaching staff, I would want to get Stephen McGee some quality playing time with the 1st string right now, because with the way Romo plays an injury is just around the corner and I wouldn’t want to be caught with my pants around my ankles again like last season. There is still a chance for Tony Romo to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback, but each passing season makes his chances less and less. While I am starting to lean towards he won’t be a champion, as a fan you can only hope your gut is wrong.  While there is time, I want to see the team start looking at a solid plan B and plan C. But only time will tell what Tony Romo’s fate will be, Super Bowl winning quarterback, or wild gunslinger who couldn’t stay healthy.

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  1. Romo has been in rough situations and I agree he is missing that champion swag but winning is a concerted effort so if the defense can keep us in good positions we can better assess him. He maybe another Danny White, great numbers but not the big game!

    • It is a team game and the great quarterbacks, couldn’t win it all without the team. But there is always somthing special about those quarterbacks who have that “it” factor and know how to win. Maybe Tony will find his swagger and become that guy. But he does need some help around him for that to ever come to fruition.

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  3. For a diehard cowboys fan…like me….Tony Romo is the LEAST of my worries… fact….he’s the only reason why we have a chance. everyone wants to microscope his game to the bear bolts and they’ll find something negative about it…..shoot, he can’t even wear his hat without someone criticizing him. “It” factor is another word for “hype”… you really believe Matt Ryan has the “it” factor…..if so how many playoff games did he win…but he has “it???”I for one am sick of it…..and if you’re a REAL cowboy fan you should be too. Sometimes we Cowboys are way too impatient and yes we set the standard really high….thanks to roger and troy….but cmon….be real….was Tony Romo worse than quincy carter, drew henson, vinny testaverde, and Drew bledsoe…’s a team game, be a REAL FAN and have faith……end of discussion.

    • Your right, it is a team game, and it takes more than a quarterback to win. But at the same token, a team has a hard time winning despite his quarterback. Yes, people love to bash on Tony because he has been all hype and little substance. I am not bashing on Tony, I have just taken a step back at what I have seen, and yes he is very exciting and has flashes of brilliance, but at the same time, I have seen times where he could have saved a drive by just flipping the ball out of bounds. I do have faith in the team(not so much the owner) but I am being realistic. Yes Cowboys fans have been spoiled by the likes of Roger and Troy. And yes Tony is a far better alternative than the others you did name. I just feel that the team needs to be ready to jump to plan b, if this ends up blowing up in their face. I want Tony to succeed but I have also seen the writing on the wall and am growing skeptical of what he can truly offer. I don’t think that makes me less of a fan, just makes me analytical.

  4. I like Tony, but he is a Favre wanna be. He is running out of time. He has the talent, just not sure he knows when to hold and when to fold. So far Tony folds up a lot when it really counts. I agree on McGee. He needs to play more. I would guess Tony is under the gun to take them to the promise land or Jerry is gonna go nuts.

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