Can a road trip save a season?


Before this recent road trip, the Rangers couldn’t seem to get out of their own way. The bad news and the problems seemed to be stacking up against them and making the season look lost as early as mid may. But then the Rangers got on the road and started to find some success and chemistry despite all the injuries.

After two successful series in Detroit and Minnesota, it started off rocky in Washington this past weekend, but luckily they were able to finish things on a winning note. While it is unlikely this one road trip can save an entire season, but it looks like it can help build on the positive and help the Rangers keep finding their winning ways.

The Rangers found a way to win games against tough opponents with some of the people they counted on the most last year, and if that chemistry can hold, then they will find a way to keep climbing up and competing for the AL West. Hopefully they will have most everyone back and healthy after the all star break, and they can say this road trip helped turn their season around.

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