Can Green Bay go undefeated?

The Green Bay Packers are now 13-0 on the season and have not suffered a loss for almost an entire year. Their last loss came on December 19, 2010, against the New England Patriots. By the time they take the field next week, they will be one day shy of a full year since their last loss. It is an amazing feat anytime a team goes undefeated this far into the season, however it is starting to become a little more normal because more teams have done it in the last 10 years than previously. What ever happened to parity?

Not to take anything away from this Packers team, they are by far the best looking team out there right now. The Packers pretty much control their own destiny and can decide if the perfect season is something they really want to chase or not. It just depends on what the bigger prize is for this team and coaching staff. Do they want to follow suit of the Patriots and go undefeated and lose in the Super Bowl? Tough decisions are made by tough people.

This team is as good top to bottom as there is in the league, and barring any injuries to a key piece, they could easily win out and roll through the playoffs. I am not ready to sit here and say this team will win it all, but I don’t see anyone on the horizon that can stop them. One thing I have noticed about the Packers that didn’t happen with the Patriots of 2007. This team isn’t falling prey to its own hype. They are still grounded and happy to win every game. And one final thought; the fans aren’t berating this team. Well, that is if they haven’t beaten your team…

This team is full of personalities and all of them are likeable to the average fan, unlike the previous Patriots team – nobody will be upset if this team wins out. Can Green Bay finish the season undefeated and win another Super Bowl? There is no way to answer the question, because anything can happen on any given Sunday in the NFL. But if I had to answer…I would say this team has more control of their own destiny than any team since the 1972 Dolphins. As an NFL fan, I am just going to sit back and watch what plays out. Should be a lot of fun.

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