Cabrera arrested for DUI(again)

Miguel Cabrera was arrested last night in Florida for a DUI and was reported to have been a little mouthy with the officer. Plus the fact that he took a pull off a whiskey bottle in front of the officer. This would be his second run in with the police and alcohol in his career, and it is starting to make some people wonder if he is headed down a path of trouble. This is just another case of an athlete getting out of hand and making bad headlines.

There is some rumbling from the Tigers that he could be on a very short leash with the team, and there is a rumor that he will be showed the door. Personally I hope the team shows him the door and makes a statement that being an idiot and getting in trouble with the law will not be tolerated. Sad thought here is that even if the Tigers take the moral stand and dump him, but there will be another team to come take him and his baggage, just because he is a talented ball player. This is just a problem in our society that if you are talented enough, you can over come any and all troubles.