Butler vs. VCU; who’s Cinderella this year?

Last year Butler was the Cinderella team that made it out of the mid-major category and cracked into the championship game. This year they returned to the NCAA tournament as an 8 seed, and a long shot to make it back to the Final Four. After playing Old Dominion, Pitt, Wisconsin and beating Florida in an overtime thriller, Butler has done the unthinkable and returned to the Final Four in back to back years. Coming out of the Horizon conference, Butler will have the upper hand against a surprise VCU team in Houston because of their past experience.

VCU on the other hand came into the tournament on a slide, and wasn’t even expected to make it out of the First Four. After beating USC to get to the meat of the tournament, then continued to beat Georgetown, Purdue, Florida state and then upsetting Kansas in classic fashion. This team has taken the attention of the entire nation and is on a hot streak at this moment. Do they have what it takes to win two more games?

Last year’s Cinderella is going to take on this year’s Cinderella for the right to wear the glass slipper in the National Championship. While it is very unfortunate that both these teams have to face each other before the championship, it is also very exciting because the Mid-Major level teams get another Championship shot. Whether you are a diehard fan, or just a casual observer, this will be one of the most exciting games of the year and should help solidify this year’s tournament as one of the best in recent memory. We won’t know who the Cinderella team is until after the game Saturday night, but we will have an exciting game to look forward to until then.

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6 thoughts on “Butler vs. VCU; who’s Cinderella this year?

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  2. I love it. Shame they got matched in the first game, but neat as heck they both made it. What fun. At least one of them will get a shot at the title.

  3. I don’t think Butler counts as a Cinderella this season. They got a taste of the championship and they liked it. Of course they worked their butts off to be here. They are all over brackets into the final four. VCU gets their Cinderella shot this year. Hardly anyone even had this team on radar until now.

    • Either way, the “mid-major” will be the true winner this year agian because they will be represented in the championship. But you do make a solid point at noting that they were here last year and were at least selected by some people to be here. VCU really is the shocking team.

  4. Not sure who Cinderella is, but I know who turned into pumpkins – Duke, Pitt, Kansas & Ohio State.

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